January Favorites

Hi lovelies!

It’s a bit early to do January Favorites, but I’m in the mood for a blog post so here it goes!

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetMy skin has been so dry lately, thanks to winter, and I have a couple things I’ve been using that are making my skin feel a bit more normal. First up, is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. I use this in the morning and at night. It’s light enough to wear under my makeup. Non-greasy, super hydrating, and doesn’t break me out. Two thumbs up. Next up, I have been using the Fresh Cream by Philosophy Body Lotion. Guys, this stuff smells so good. So good. Like vanilla cake. It’s light, fresh, and super moisturizing. I love Philosophy and have honestly forgotten about them until I saw this scent on Instagram. If you like sweet but fresh scents, check this out. I’ve been living in it. Lastly, I recently picked up the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm. I’ve heard so much about the Agave Lip Mask and when I saw that they released the Lip Balm version, I promptly ordered it from Sephora. Bite makes such good lip products (their matte creme lipsticks are some of my favorites) and this lip balm is no exception. Very hydrating, light and smooth. It lasts for hours and the packing, as with all Bite products, is so sleek and cool. I love this lip balm and highly recommend it!

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I’m pretty low maintenance with my hair. I mostly wear it straight or curled with a curling rod, or leave it curly on days where I want to give it a break from heat styling. I don’t have issues with volume, but I do occasionally notice that my hair gets flat when it’s humid out. To cure that, I use the Living Proof Dry Volume Blast. This stuff smells amazing, and works so well to add texture and volume to all types of hair. Now, I use this more on my super clean hair days, when I need a better hold or texture. One of the best texturizing sprays I’ve found. Living Proof is the best when it comes to hair products. I love their Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo as well.

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For Christmas, my sister and brother in law gave me a Kate Spad card holder, and I LOVE it. I like to go without a purse whenever I can, especially if I’m just running a quick errand or going somewhere where a purse will be a hassle. This little card case is perfect to carry just the cards I need, and make them easily accessible. It’s my new favorite thing.


I picked up a new pair of earrings from Baublebar at Nordstrom, and I LOVE them. Tassle earrings are a somewhat new thing, rather they are to me, but I love the trend. I picked up the Baublebar Paiden Tassel Drop Earrings on sale over Christmas holidays and I’m a huge fan. Now, these guys are heavy. I’ve worn them to work a couple times, but they are definitely on the heavier side and can be annoying to be in all day. But the weight is worth it, because they are so pretty on! I have my eye on a couple other styles like these:

And that’s it! Let me know in the comments what you’ve found recently that you love.

Happy Tuesday!

Steffanie xo



Products Worth The Hype #1: LUSH Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner



It’s not often I love a product so much that I will devote a whole blog post to it. But such is the case for this body product from LUSH. LUSH is a brand of body care, makeup, and hygiene products that makes beauty bloggers go starry-eyed, and I’ve known about it for a while, but never brought myself to drive up to my local mall to try anything out. I was at the mall last week and finally decided to run in and pick up a few things that I’ve heard raved about. I’m so glad I did.

The Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner has convinced me that LUSH makes the best body products. Ever. In the history of body care, LUSH is it for me. I mean, who comes up with the brilliance of a “lotion” that you apply in the shower, eliminating the need for a lotion to be applied after the shower?! It’s the best idea, and I am so thankful someone thought of it!


On to the product description. Smelling of sweet, delicious, roses, this product makes applying lotion the most enjoyable thing about my morning and night time routine. It smells like jam, heaven, and cream. And the scent lasts through the day. To use, all you do is rub the loveliness all over your body, and rinse. That’s it! When applied, it’s very silky and smooth, but once the water hits it, it turns into like a lotion-y type substance that does. not. budge. Tip: when towel drying, be sure to pat dry, that way you don’t rub all the product off. My skin has stayed hydrated all day, and since I’ve been using it, looks brighter and smoother.


I may be a tiny bit obsessed with this product. Definitely worth all the hype and craze it receives. I am officially a LUSH convert. If you are in need of a good moisturizing body product, I highly recommend LUSH!

P.S. Keep a lookout for a LUSH Haul post, coming soon!

Steffanie xo

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skincare


I am a huge Body Shop fan. I use their body butters almost everyday, and love their shower gels and creams. And I also love their skincare. Very recently, I switched back to an old skincare favorite of theirs, their Tea Tree line. My skin was looking a little less than great, so while in Ulta, I picked up The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish KitI used to use this line pretty religiously for a while, before I started oil cleansing. My skin is pretty oily and acne prone, with the odd dry patches here and there. I’m pretty sensitive to almost all foundations, and have to be pretty choosy with products if I want to avoid a massive breakout.


This kit is a lifesaver for my skin, providing just enough acne prevention and moisturization for clearer, cleaner skin. This kit is an Ulta exclusive I think, and it was a huge bargain. Included in the kit is a full-sized Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash, a full-sized Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner, a full-sized Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion, a tiny bottle of Tea Tree Oil, and a sachet of Tea Tree Face Mask. Normally, if you were to buy all of these products separately, they would equal about $46.50. For the kit, I only paid $29! Normally, I would just order it online or pick up what I need from the mall, because The Body Shop literally always has a sale going on. They also have the Body Love program, which allows you to receive 10% off your order/purchase, combined with the sales and offers they already have going on. Big yes!


Compared to the higher end skincare products out there, I am seriously a fan of the price and the quality of The Body Shop Tea Tree products. In the past two days, my skin is clearer and smoother, and a few scars that I have had are almost invisible now. If you have sensitive, acne-prone skin, I seriously suggest giving this line a go, or any of the other skin care products they produce. The Vitamin E moisturizers are a favorite of mine too. (My husband is even a huge fan of the line!)

Have you tried the Tea Tree line? What’s your favorite skincare line? Let me know in the comments! 

Steffanie xo