Working mama hack #1: Subscribe to it



As a working mama, I find myself pressed for time constantly. I’m always looking for new ways to make my life easier, more efficient, and to create more time for baby-cuddling and time with my spouse. Today, I’m sharing my favorite companies and services that help me do just that.

Groceries and home supplies:

I’ve talked endlessly about my love for Grove Collaborative, which I use regularly for my home cleaning products. They make it simple and easy to make sure my house is stocked with paper towels, laundry detergent, and dish soap. Another company I love that ensures that I am stocked in the toilet paper department, is Who Gives a Crap. They offer a subscription service for $20 a box for 24 rolls of recycled, thick (and soft!), toilet paper. The packaging is gorgeous, each roll being wrapped individually. They even wrap the last couple of rolls in red paper, labeled emergency roll to remind you to order a new box if you don’t use the subscription. Now, what I really love about this service; somehow, the paper seems to last like 10 times longer than regular toilet paper. I haven’t ordered or bought toilet paper in about a month and a half. AND WE STILL HAVE LIKE 10 rolls in our cabinet right now. It’s like magic.



Next up for household goods, groceries. I hate grocery shopping. And with a 4 month old, going to an actual store for a cart full of stuff, while having to faff around with a stroller or car seat, is not my idea of a good morning (although E and I do love our Target strolls). I’d rather spend my time cuddling him, or reading, or cooking. Enter, Instacart. Instacart is a grocery delivery service that sends a shopper to the store for you, and then delivers the haul to your house for a small fee. You can schedule your delivery time, and oftentimes, they run specials on discounted delivery fees. In our area, Instacart delivers from ALDI and Sprouts, which is great because Sprouts is our favorite store. The Instacart site is so easy to use, and they have an app as well that lets you keep lists and a record of your favorite or frequently ordered items. Wal-Mart has also started their own delivery service for groceries, too!

Now, as I mentioned above, I still love going to Target, but sometimes, I don’t have tons of time to actually go in the store. Introducing, Target Drive-Up. Like Walmart’s Grocery Pick Up, bit for Target. I ordered E’s diapers and wipes (or even a quick stop for socks, candles, or some groceries)  from Target and it’s usually ready to pick up in an hour or so. Why I love it: I still get my 5% off for using my REDcard and Target regularly offers gift cards, coupons, and discounts for using Drive-Up. Just recently I earned $30 in gift cards by using the service. If you use the app, you can see the Cartwheel offers and what’s on sale. I regularly use the app for all my Target shopping, and select Drive-Up for my order. So quick, so easy, and convenient.

Health and Beauty Services:

There are SO many subscription services for things like razors, skincare, etc. I use multiple services for my health and wellness needs.  I order my vitamins from Care/Of (I get the $20/month pre-natal, one month supply), my contacts from Hubble (about $33 per order), and razors from Billie ($9/month). All of these services let you customize your shipping schedule (for instance, I don’t order contacts every month- I usually do every couple of months), and are so simple to set up. I also really like Dollar Shave Club for razors.

I’ve been asked if I really like the Hubble contacts, and I really do! The contacts are light, hydrating, and comfortable to wear. I’ve been wearing contacts since middle school, and have switched between multiple different kinds and brands and I’ve not had any issues with these. Plus they are way cheaper than daily contacts through my eye doctor.

For my feminine products, I love conscious period. Now, they are on a little bit of a hiatus, but I cannot wait for their shop to reopen!

I also regularly use Prime Pantry, Amazon Prime, and Postmates for household goods, gifts and dinner on nights when cooking is just off the table. These services all help to make sure my time, which is already so limited, to be able to be used towards making memories with my family.

I’m interested to know about any subscription services or delivery services you use for your home. Let me know in the comments!

xx Steffanie







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