what’s in my bag: baby and me.


Having a baby means I have a lot of stuff with me, all the time. Recently, I became overwhelmed by the amount of gear it seemed to require to leave the house with E. I felt like I was packing up the whole house every time we would leave, even if it was just to be gone for an hour.

So I pared it down. I dumped out E’s bag and my own, and repacked just the essentials: the things I knew I would need and he would need, to get through the day.

In my bag, which is my favorite bag,  (Madewell, you my fave!) you will find:

+ a journal: I literally have to write everything down now or I will 100% forget. Rifle Paper Co. has been my favorite stationery store for a few years, and this journal lays flat to make writing easier.

+ water bottle: S’well keeps coffee hot, and water cold. I love the matte black look of this one.

+ a hairbrush: this is technically E’s (one of this set from natemia) but I keep it on me in case my hair needs a quick brush through.

+ sunglasses: DIFF eyewear makes some high quality sunglasses. I love the lenses on this pair. I bought these last year on a sale for $45 and they still look just about brand new.

+ clutch wallet: I hate carrying a bunch of cards, and with bigger wallets, I sometimes feel the need to fill it with every loyalty card and business card I have in my possession. This wallet from ABLE is minimalist in its design, and functional for keeping cards and cash in.


+ perfume: rollerballs are the best way to freshen up if you are in a hurry and forget perfume (which is me 90% of every day). I like this one from Good Chemistry because it’s made from essential oils, so I don’t have to worry about it bothering E. The scent is ‘wild child’ and it’s a citrus-y, slightly musky scent.

+ hand sanitizer and lip balm: Two things I cannot ever be without. Both are from Grove Collaborative and both I am obsessed with. The hand sanitizer is moisturizing and keeps my hands clean for when I’m out and about with a baby and the lip balm is like a way more moisturizing version of the Burt’s Bees lipbalm.

+ setting powder: glossier is one of my favorite makeup/skincare companies. I especially love this powder, which keeps me looking matte and oil free all day long.

+ deodorant: I’m going to be really transparent here. I don’t always remember to put on deodorant before I leave the house…. I know, I KNOW. But never fear, I always have some with me in my bag. I use the coconut and vanilla one from native and I love it. It’s the best natural deodorant I’ve tried so far (they now carry native at Target, btw!) and I can’t wait to try the other scents they have

+ book: I have a book with me, at all times. I simply can’t leave the house without one. I never know when I will have a free minute to read, and right now, every minute that I get to read uninterrupted, is precious. I’m currently reading We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter

I also keep a tinted lip balm, one lipstick (usually NARS ‘Rita’ or MAC’s ‘Velvet Teddy’), mascara (currently using Soap & Glory’s Thick and Fast) my keys, gum or mints, a few bags of tea, and extra hair ties in my bag, as well as a supply of pens, and breast pads (#nursingmomlife).


E’s Bag:

I’m still using my Jem + Bea bag, and I really adore it. It’s sleek, stylish, and when I’m not using it for him (i,e. When he is with his Mimi or daddy- he has another diaper bag for days when he’s with them), it acts as my work bag/breast pump bag during the week.


+ a lovey: this raccoon one is from Jellycat, and it was given to him the day after he was born. I love it and he does too. He’s recently started trying to hold things in his arms, and this is perfect for him to do so. It goes everywhere with us now. Jellycat makes the best teddies and lovey’s.

+ white bodysuits: I keep white bodysuits stocked up. they go with everything, you can bleach them if they stain, and they’re easy to replace. I really like the organic ones from gerber baby. They’re soft and thick and only have two buttons instead of three (weird detail but I really like that about them).

+ jogger jeans: because what is better than a tiny pair of baby jeans? I mean honestly. E has a dark wash pair and a light wash and he wears them all the time. These are from Cat + Jack at Target.

+ lotion: E gets really dry skin around his chin (no idea why) and while I don’t always have this in his bag, I do try to make sure he gets lotion on him everyday to keep his baby skin soft. sunbum makes the best bodycare, hair care, and sun care products and they all smell like heaven in a bottle. I use the sunbum soap on E as well, and he always smells slightly like he just came from the beach. 🙂

+ hair brush and comb: natemia on Amazon makes some of the best bath time products for babies. The materials they use are great quality (E has a panda towel that is the softest towel I have ever felt in my life). I love this little brush and comb set and use the brush every night after his bath.

+ pacifier: it’s a bad day when we leave the house without a pacifier. I have a few different ones for E. He has a wubbanub (a fox, of course), a couple avent ones (his favorite) and this one from natursutten.

+ a toy or a contrast book: as he’s gotten older, E has started to respond to toys and animals and rattles, so I take this little fox rattle with us when we are out. I honestly don’t know where it came from, but he loves it. I also take a black and white contrast book with us, in case he needs something to occupy him.

+ a bib: copper pearl is my favorite shop to get bibs and burp cloths from. He has quite a few bibs and burp cloths (because babies spit up so.much.) and these are super absorbent and thick.

I usually have a few diapers, a backup outfit, water wipes (the best wipes EVER), Desitin, socks, a swaddle blanket, and a changing mat on hand as well. Sometimes, I take a bottle of expressed milk too, if I know that nursing him will be difficult wherever we are going (or if mama wants a glass of wine or a g + t :))

So there you have it. What’s in my baby’s bag, and what’s in my bag. I hope you enjoyed this post!

xx Steffanie


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