My Grove Collaborative Favorites


I started back to work last week after a 6 week maternity leave. It was a hard/sweet/busy/full/stressful week. I felt all the things, emotionally, as one would expect. Sad because my days as a stay at home mama were coming to an end. Anxious because I had to pump enough milk to feed E and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up. Excited to return to a job that I love and a team that gives me life. Worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with everything.

So YEAH. I was all over the place. The week went so well, though. My team was super supportive and kind; (they even bought me the most beautiful flowers for my return!) My husband came home on his dinner break so I could sleep an hour before having to be up with the baby again. My mother in law cuddled and fed and loved on my tiny baby all week long.

On top of returning to work, I knew I wouldn’t want to have to worry about things like groceries, paper towels, and dinner. I wanted as easy of a transition as I could manage with going back to work. One of of the ways I stayed on top of household supplies was by using Grove Collaborative. I’ve talked about Grove  few times on my Facebook but it’s my new favorite thing. Think Prime Pantry or Target Subscription, but with the best selection of natural, green, eco-friendly products. My favorite brands are Method and Mrs. Meyers and they have every product they make on their site.


What I love about Grove is the customer service. Shipping is fast; each customer is assigned a personalized Grove guide, who assists you with any orders, questions, or issues you might have. My Grove guide emailed and texted me the day I signed up, just to say hi. They send a free gift with every order I’ve placed, and also give you credits to use at the shop if you refer friends. My very favorite thing about Grove? I don’t have to worry about anything. My products automatically ship on the date that I choose (although there is an option to “ship now” if you need a box sooner than the date you choose) and all the products are healthy and baby safe/kid friendly.


Here are some of my favorite products from Grove:

The Mrs. Meyers Fall Seasonal Kit. My previous favorite Mrs. Meyers scent for fall was Apple Cider (which smells so great) but the pumpkin scent IS ALL THE THINGS. It smells spicy and warm and sweet and just like fall. Go add to this your cart immediately. I promise, you will not regret it.

The Replaceable Head Dish Brush. I HATE dish brushes because of how dirty and gross they get. And let’s be honest, most brushes are NOT cute. This brush has a replaceable head, which is GENIUS, and it has a gorgeous bamboo handle.

Method’s Steel for Real Stainless Steel Cleaner. This cleaner smells like apples and keeps our stainless steel appliances sparkling.

The Seedling by Grove Paper Towels. These paper towels are tree-free and they work incredibly well at mopping up spills (like spilled breastmilk-bahhh) and cleaning counter tops.

What’s in my next order:

IMG_3351IMG_3353IMG_3355IMG_3352IMG_3350 (1)

Aunt Fannies All-Purpose Pest Remedy. I really like the Aunt Fannie’s brand. I use the vinegar floor cleaner and it works so well to keep the floor clean. I love the idea of an all natural pest control spray (SPIDERS, I’m comin for ya!) and cannot wait to try this out. I also added the Glass and Window cleaner to my cart.

The Grove Collaborative Spray Bottle, The Cleaning Caddy and The Walnut Scouring Pads to aid in my never-ending cleaning endeavours.


So there you have it. Grove is the best and I highly encourage every to try it out. For a free Mrs. Meyers gift set, use this link!

Be back soon with my fall favorites series, and a few working mama hacks I am learning.







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