Nursery tour


Hello there! As you all may know, we recently just had a sweet baby boy! Today, I thought I’d share some of his nursery with you all (plus a mini review of the car seat we use for him.)


First, I will mention that E does not currently sleep in his nursery. He sleeps in our room, in his Snuzpod (blog to come later all the products we use for his sleep), next to our bed. That being said, his room is mostly used for changing/playing on the play mat, and storage for ALL THE DIAPERS, for now.


We kind of fell into a sort of woodland theme for E’s room. Most of the stuff he has is centered around foxes, bears, trees, etc, which I love. He has an old antique dresser that was redone and that we bought as the first piece of furniture for his room. It’s probably my favorite furniture piece in our house. With the dresser being white, I decided to keep the walls white, and chose a white crib to go in there as well. White is just so easy to decorate with, and the thought of painting his room was not something I (or my husband!) wanted to tackle.


Because the nursery is mostly white, I did want to break it up when it came to the changing table and any other furniture we bought for his room. This changing table was built by my father in law, some 20+ years ago. It’s gorgeous and sturdy and I love the history it has with it. When we first got it, it was a distressed white with some discoloration due to sunlight. My husband sanded it down, spray painted it matte black, and distressed it with a piece of sandpaper. I LOVE how it turned out. It’s nice and roomy and has plenty of storage space.



Moving on to his bookshelf, which again we needed for the extra storage (our house has limited space for storing stuff) and for his small book collection he already has. This shelf is from Target, just a basic open back shelf in black. On it, we keep all of his swaddle blankets, books, bath stuff, and of course, more diapers. 🙂


His crib is from Amazon, and I just went with a basic, white, functional crib. It converts into a toddler bed, which we can use when he gets older. Again, I went for functionality over style for the crib. But I do still love the look of this one. In the crib, you will see all of his teddies (most from Target) and the cutest blankets, one personalized with his name. Also pictured, you see his car seat.

Let’s talk car seats for a minute. We have the Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat, which comes with a car seat base. I didn’t realize that alot of newborns seem to hate their car seats. E does not fall into that category of baby. He LOVES his car seat. Here’s a pic to prove it:


Now this could just be because he is an angel baby 🙂 but his car seat is pretty dang comfortable. It keeps him cozy and snug and the padding in it is almost like memory foam. I love the color as well (berry). It was super easy to install, and can be used with or without the car seat base (also super easy to install). The car seat is currently attached to his Nuna PEPP Stroller, which converts into a stroller you can use for older babies and toddlers, too. I ordered both from Nordstrom and so far, am extremely happy with them.


The very first thing I bought for E was this play mat from Skiphop. I had seen it on Youtube, and fell in love with the design of it. And E loves to look at the lights too. I got it at Target, along with the shag grey rug pictured here.

And that’s it for his nursery! His room is one of my favorite places in the house now, aside from my bed (sleeeeeep, amiright?).

Hope you enjoyed this little tour!

Steffanie xx


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