Thankful. ❤️


Three things I’m thankful for: 

1. A healthy, sweet little boy, who loves to cuddle (and eat! 🙌) and be held. Born just last Thursday, our lives are forever changed for the better.

I wrote a letter to E from us in his baby book today. In it, I wrote “You will never have to earn our love. You can do anything, be anything you want. You will always have a home with us.  You, just as you are, will always more than enough, and you will always be our little boy. (Cue: a repeat of the thousand tears I shed while writing)


2. The necklace I am wearing in this picture. It is from my mother in love. She gave it to me the day we came home with E and I’ve worn it everyday since she gave it to me. I think of it as my “new motherhood” necklace. It’s special to her, which makes it incredibly special to me, and I was blown away by how sweet she was to give it to me. I’m so thankful for the family I married into, and thankful that E has such wonderful people in his life, who already love and pray for, and care for him. And that includes this hunk:


3. Lastly, I’m thankful for the goodness and graciousness of God, who gave up His baby boy so we could be free. I cannot imagine. Thankful for Jesus, for saving us so we could have life to share with our boy; for His grace and love and compassion and tenderness.

Writing this as a reminder to always be thankful. Through each sleepless night, through each mistake, through each worry, and through each season, I want to remain continually thankful for this little life we have been given. Always aware of the good things, of the sweet moments, and of the grace we have been blessed by.

happy Tuesday!

Steffanie xx


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