all the things, pt 1: IT


If you know me in real life, you have probably heard my talking about the movie “It” and all of it’s fantasticalness. I am a FAN. Saw the movie three times (yes, I realize that is ridiculous, and no, I do not need an intervention, or an exorcism); I even bought a Loser’s Club pin from this cute little Etsy shop, and have already researched when the Losers Club Funko characters will be released (TBD- however, they have released Pennywise) and have been reading all the information of when the next installment will be released. I’m hooked.

Originally, I had the goal of finishing the Stephen King’s 12,000 1,100 page book before the movie released last month, but being that I had had about 6,000 500 pages left in the novel, that obviously did not happen. So, without having finished the book, my husband and I, along with our good friend, packed into my car, loaded my bag up with snacks, and prepared ourselves for Pennywise.

Now, I was prepared for a scary movie (if you don’t know,  ‘IT’ is about a killer clown named Pennywise, who kills children. He feeds on fear, and torments a town called Derry, every 27 years.) And while it is definitely scary, I was pleasantly surprised to find that  ‘IT’ was actually a great movie:  fantastic acting, lots of humor, and characters you actually want  to root for. I laughed, cried, said many choice words, and left feeling oddly hopeful about the world, which is a weird thing to say after a horror movie.


‘IT’ focuses on fear, and how fear can and does transform a person. Each character has their own relationship with fear, and Pennywise feeds off that fear. Each character sees Pennywise, but they also see IT, the thing Pennywise represents: a leper for the one who fears any and all illnesses, convinced death is right around every corner; the fear of the worst nightmare coming to life for the one who struggles to believe; a lost little kid for the one who fears the worst has happened to his brother, etc. Each character battles internally and externally with their fears.

The only thing they have in common? Each other. 

The thing I love most about ‘IT’ is the fact that these kids stick through everything together: they battle a killer clown together; clean a blood soaked bathroom that no one else could see, comfort each other as they face their fears. No judgments, no doubt., no criticism. They argue, sure, but they don’t give up on each other. Each kid, while dealing with their own mess, chooses friendship over fear. Connection over going it alone. Faith over scepticism. They choose to rely on each other, to stick together. 


I loved everything about this movie. The soundtrack, the actors, the message, the setting, everything. If you haven’t seen IT, you should. Don’t be fooled though: It’s scary. Definitely not for everyone (especially if kind of gruesome things happening to children bothers you. The opening scene is pretty terrible) so please be warned.

Happy floating!

xx Steffanie


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