written in a billion skies.


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In one of my favorite worship songs, there’s a passage that goes:

Written in a billion skies
Speaking to this heart of mine
All that I am with all creation
Hanging on every word that You’ve spoken
And it will not be shaken
Clinging for life to all Your promise
Hanging on every word that You say

I  cry. every. single. time. I cry because it’s amazing to think that my Jesus, wrote His name all over this Earth: in the stars, in the sunrise, in the ocean. He wrote it all over the structure of my life, in every moment, solely to remind me that He loves me. But what amazes me most is this: that love won’t ever change.

We live in such a rough world. Our friends let us down, our fathers abandon us. Those we trust hurt us, over and over again, even after they promise it was the last time. We carry other words: the words that were spoken to us, or over us, or about us. We internalize them, and trudge through our days with them. Sometimes unknowingly, like a bad habit, but sometimes because it’s all we have. We try to cope: we perform well, we harden our hearts, we shrug it off. Being all too familiar with the pain, but almost numb now, we move on, swearing we won’t let it happen to us again.


then that one person says the wrong thing. Or a friend forgets something important to us. Or a spouse says something your mother used to say to you, and all of the sudden you are back in that room, or in that classroom, in that yard, hands clenched, fighting back tears, in it. The words come flooding back.

This song is so powerful to me, because it reminds me, over and over again, that the words of our God are un-shakeable, un-changing. His words are what we should cling to, because they are beautiful, steady words. They are written in the stars, in stone, in the tapestry of our hearts: and they are begging us to come near to him. His words are His promises, and they will never be broken.

I don’t know what words have been spoken over you, or to you. I don’t know who hurt you, or how long ago it was. But I do know that my Jesus; my steady, strong, Jesus, can give you something better. His words, of love, of peace, of strength and of courage, are yours for the taking. He believes in you. He has faith in you. He hopes for you. He holds you. He promises you. He isn’t going anywhere. He’s got you. 
And my soul will hang on every word You say
Cause I know Your word will never ever fail
And my soul will hang on every word You say

You are so loved.

Steffanie xx



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