awesome of the week.

Hey lovelies!









I’m curled up on my couch, listening to The Lone Bellow, with my back door wide open. It’s crisp and cool outside, and the sun is just about set. A candle is burning, I have a coffee beside me. It’s Friday night. Amen.

Here are some of my favorite awesomes of the week:

+ This encouragement from Darling Magazine. Our stories are so important. Keep on.

+ This article on face shaving for women. I’ll have my own version of this coming soon.

+Reuben Toledo & Nail polish? Heck yes. Some of my favorite art is by Reuben Toledo. Like this spread he did for Nordstrom:

f018a5ec54a1a839fb6f5ea6b07dcdb4 (1).jpg            3b82dc8b6dbed7a962351ec68ac3d91c.jpg

+ This celebration of all things Gilmore. My local coffee shop did this, and although I wasn’t able to make it over there, I enjoyed my own cup of coffee at work, & channeled my inner Rory all day long.

+Closer by The Chainsmokers & Halsey

+This video still makes my heart swoon, even though I’ve seen it 786368 times. Someone mentioned in the comments that this was the dancing version of Eleanor & Park, and it made me love it even more.

What are your awesomes of this week?

Steffanie xo



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