heartstrings & violins.


We all have music that moves us. Music that seems like it was maybe created just for us. A song that changed your life, or seemingly appeared in your life at the exact moment you needed it. Your song might be one you heard at someone’s wedding, the one you and your husband danced to, champagne in hand. Your song may be a song someone wrote for you, or that one you fell in love with in ninth grade.

The music that moves me, that pulls on my heartstrings, is anything with a violin. When I was in fifth grade, I heard Nickel Creek playing their song The Lighthouse Tale, and I remember crying, because I’d never heard a song that beautiful. I would leave CMT on all day, just waiting for the moment that their song would come on, and I would, for those four minutes, disappear. It was amazing.

From there, my love for the strings grew. I began to love the dramatic ebb and flow of Yo Yo Ma’s Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 5 in C Minor, the energy of Nickel Creek’s Elsie. Now, I listen to The Punch Brothers, Vitamin String Quartet and Chris Thile when I need inspiration to write, which is often. Recently, I’ve fallen in love with the melancholy of Sleeping at Last’s  Saturn and Sorrow. (Their album Atlas: Year One, is amazing!) Sigh.

When I hear the violin (and any string, for that matter) I see a glimmer of my Jesus. I see the kindness, I hear the breath of his voice. I hear his heart and I feel his presence. For me, violins make my heart skip, reminding me of how human I am, and how great Jesus is.

When I hear a violin or cello or fiddle, I thank Jesus over and over again, for creating people who play music, and for creating such beautiful instruments. I thank him for my heartstrings, so similarly strung together like the bands on a violin. I thank Him for giving me something beautiful to listen to, especially on the days when life doesn’t seem quite so beautiful.


3 thoughts on “heartstrings & violins.

  1. Steffanie, You need to listen to Samuel Barber’s – Adagio for Strings
    Check it out. Used in a lot of movies. Most notably “Good Morning Vietnam” when Robin Williams is travelling by all of the troops in the trucks.

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