in praise of.


In praise of this season, so full of connection, and grace, and newness. In praise of routine, normalcy, and daily life.

In praise of new beginnings, new adventures, and stepping out on faith. In praise of a new business, and the blessings I am already seeing from the work I am putting in. In praise of cute office supplies, an office space, and late nights in that space, creating and dreaming.

In praise of love, and a husband who loves me with a kindness and mercy only Jesus can teach to a person. In praise of our marriage, and the home we have built together. In praise of our little house, all wooden floors, trees, and antique tables. In praise of the table, new to us, but old to others, where we will sit with our kids one day, sharing our days.


In praise of connections, with old friends and new, that make my life richer, fuller, and sweeter. In praise of long talks over lattes, dinners around our table, and prayers shared with a friend. In praise of long nights around a fire, and late night talks on the couch, listening to my nephews sleep soundly.

In praise of Sundays, because we can rest, and it’s beautiful and much needed. In praise of longer days, slow nights, and tea. Always tea. In praise of beautiful stories that inspire me, and writers, whose words overflow from their souls. Books can’t ever be replaced, and I am so thankful for that truth.

In praise of safety and security, and for the lives that are lost to protect us. In praise of bulletproof vests, and a strong community, which ease an anxious spouse mind. In praise of our officers, firemen, military, and doctors, who do what they can to make this world easier on us.


In praise of tea, and coffee, fresh food and cold water.  A bed to sleep in, and a place to call home. In praise of quiet nights for reading, and long days for working. In praise of the perfect mug, and the perfect cake recipe. In praise of a big kitchen, seemingly built with my name in mind.

In praise of Jesus, who makes my life better just for beginning to know His love. In praise of His sweetness, His kindness and His sacrifice. In praise of the love HE so strongly believes in. In praise of the life He blessed me with, and in praise of the forgiveness he gives me, over and over. In praise of hopes and dreams and challenges. In praise of failing forward, and grace for getting better. In praise of the future, certainly, but also praise for the beautiful present, for which I am trying to appreciate everyday.


In praise of you beautiful people, and your encouragement, and your love. In praise of you, certainly. Amen.

Steffanie xo


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