getting lost.

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It’s been a while since I’ve gone to the bookstore, left with a book, and devoured said purchased within hours of reading it. If you are a reader, or a writer, you know that books are our food. They feed our souls, our minds, our creativity and our empathy. They teach us, they form us, they sometimes break our hearts a little. My love for books started when I was young, (Harry Potter, anyone?!) and has grown into a steady love affair since. I’m convinced I could live without a television, or another movie, as long as writers kept writing.

I long to be a published author one day, and though I have yet to figure out just what the heck I have to say, I firmly believe that I have to be a good reader to accomplish the goal. Reading is how I learn, how I create, how I am fed. Most every life lesson I am taught, there is a book I can name that helped me, taught me, sculpted me in that season. Most are non-fiction or memoirs, but some are YA, plain old good fiction, and poetry.

If you are not a reader, I encourage you to try. I know that reading isn’t everyone’s thing (which is sometimes unfathomable to my literature obsessed mind) but I do believe there is something out there for everyone. Just like I believe there is an album out there for everyone, I believe there is a story for you.

Just a little celebratory post that I finished a book in less than two hours, in complete silence, on a Sunday. Please, and thank you.

The aforementioned purchased book:

“This is What Happy Looks Like” by Jennifer E. Smith

If you are a fan of Gayle Forman, John Green, or Robyn Schneider, you will love this book. An easy read, a story about a boy and a girl who meet online, through a mistakenly sent email. They keep up an exchange, and then eventually meet in person. As the stories unfolds, unbeknownst to both, they discover each of them has a secret.

Read on, my friends.

Steffanie xo


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