The weekend.

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I love the tempo of the weekends. The freedom and the rest that they tend to carry, the every once in a while chaos. When people ask me how my weekend was, I usually always say the same thing. “Oh it was great, I didn’t do much of anything.” It’s a fine answer, I guess, but I sometimes feel like it portrays a lack of interest in life. Like I don’t really remember nor did I do anything amazing, so why bother talking about it. I love it when people describe their weekends and days to me. I like details. I like to know the color of the dress she wore, or how melty and delicious the pizza was. I like to know about the stars that night, or the sun that morning. I love it when other people are telling me their beautiful details, but I don’t always pay attention to the details of my stories. I skip them, because I believe them to be boring or insignificant; dull.

This weekend, I decided to pay attention to my details. To the life and beauty and tide of my weekend. 

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+ Friday: I woke up late, around 10:00 and had breakfast with my husband. We chatted about his work, and  I went to do some grocery shopping. That afternoon I took a glorious nap, drank strong black tea and ate the best Irish soda bread of my life. Just as the sun was setting, I went to a skincare launch party for one of my beautiful sister-in-laws, where we had tiny cupcakes and flavored coffee. I also ate Mcdonald’s at 10:30pm that night. Best.


+ Saturday, I got up early, turned on the Keurig and went to spend a few hours with my nephews. We watched the Lorax, ate cheerios, and chatted about toys and movies. We had a dance party in the kitchen, and I rocked with both boys in their floral armchair. That afternoon was beautiful, so I took one of my fuzzy throw blankets, a book and a cup of tea and laid outside for an hour or two. I read that book all day long, and while doing the laundry and cleaning, I watched Dr. Who re-runs. I made fish and chips using Jamie Oliver’s recipe and left my hair in a bun all day. I took a long, hot, bath that night, and talked to my husband on the phone about work and funny stories. I stayed up super late, no thanks to my noisy neighbors, who eventually had a visit from the police. Fun times.

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+ Sunday: Sundays are always such beautiful days of rest, and today was none the different. Both my husband and I woke up very late, and were onto our second mugs of coffee before we made conversation. It was a super slow start, but we decided to enjoy the gorgeous weather (70 degrees!!) and take Romeo The Brave to the park to walk. We drove the short drive to the park, and walked about a mile and a half, holding hands, chatting with people about the size and beauty of Romeo the Brave. We came home and curled up on the couch, watched a bit of TV, and then the hubs went to work. I read some blogs, made dinner, cleaned the kitchen and took Romeo the Brave to get ice cream. Chocolate chip cookie dough on a waffle cone: perfection. Now, I am writing to you, drinking coffee, and being thankful. Tonight, I’ll take another bath possibly, curl up in my room with a book (possibly a Donald Miller one, or Shauna Niequist) and a mug of steaming tea. I’ll pray for my husbands safety, let Romeo do his rounds around the yard, and go to sleep.

In the best way, this weekend was a re-charge. A long, restful, clearing reset. A beautiful, sunny, warm weekend, filled with lovely faces, lots of time, and lots of fresh air. It was a breath, one I very much needed to take. This week has a lot of plans, and I won’t see my husband for longer than an hour until Saturday, but we had this weekend.

You never get days back. Make them count, even if it seems like all you are doing is the same old thing. Choose to remember them well, to give yourself the freedom to love rest and monotony, just for this weekend.

It was a fine one, indeed.

Love to you all!

Steffanie xo


2 thoughts on “The weekend.

  1. Love this -> “This weekend, I decided to pay attention to my details.” I’m getting this vibe from a ton of my fave bloggers right now. I think many of us spend so much time soaking up the details in everything else that we sometimes forget to admire the details in our own lives and I now feel inspired to “pay attention to my details” as well 🙂 OMG your GSD is gorgeous! Is that ok to say for a boy!? It sounds like you had a really nice weekend 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    1. Kaily, thank you so much for your kind words!! it’s always lovely when someone identifies with what I write! 🙂 And it is totally appropriate to say he is gorgeous, because he is!! I absolutely agree. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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