Target Haul



I love Target. It’s like every beauty-product loving’s heaven, with the added bonus of being able to grocery shop there. I recently needed um, everything, it seemed when it came to the toiletries section of my bathroom. I decided to give some new products a try this go round, because I was pretty bored of the things I was using. Here’s a peak into what I bought.

+Tresemme PERFECTLY (UN)DONE Shampoo, Conditioner & Wave Creation Sea Foam

This range smells and is one of my favorites from Tresemme. Being that I have naturally curly hair, this range has relaxed my curls a bit, and make for a better hold when I actually use a hair wand on it. To use the Wave Creation Sea Foam, I blow dry my hair with a pump of it already in my hair, and then work a bit into my hair after I have curled it. It’s give the needed texture and hold to your waves, without making it crunchy or sticky or stiff. It’s good stuff.

+ Eos Sweet Mint Lip Balm & Raspberry Pomegranate Shave Cream

I love the eos brand. They make such moisturizing products, and I love their packaging. Their hand creams are one of my favorite things! This lip balm smells good enough to eat, and being that it is all organic, you probably could. You may get super weird looks when you are using it, but I love it too much to care. This is probably my 20th bottle of the shave cream and it is still my favorite scent. So moisturizing and hydrating, I’ve never found a shave cream like it.

+ The Wet Brush Squirt

I’ve heard so many people talk about this brush. They swear by it, saying that if you have tangly, messy hair to buy this. So I bought the mini, because it’s cute and a perfect fit for my shower, and I am so glad I did. It glides through my hair after I have washed it. Like literally glides through it. No tangles, no knots, no snags. All gliding. (I’m so serious about how well this works I dare you to try it on your tender-headed niece, nephew, daughter, or anyone you know with a mess of hair.) I keep mine in my shower for any time I need a good brush after I wash my hair.

+ Mitchum Deodorant for Women

I usually use an aluminum-free deodorant by Tisserand, but sometimes, that just doesn’t cut it. I’m all about healthy pits, but not when I start to smell. That’s a no-no. I used to use Dove, but it always itched (TMI?) so I stopped using it. I saw this in Target and actually had looked for this in several places, when I just happened to find it. It smells SO GOOD. And no itchy pits here.

+ Rimmel ScandalEYES Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

My Maybelline Eyeliner finally dried up. I think I was going on two years with that one. I picked this one up after having a browse between all of the brands liquid liners. Really liking it so far. No smudging, easy to apply, lasts forever.

+Simply Venus Disposable Razors

They’re razors. They work. The end.


And with that, I say adieu! Let me know if you have found anything at Target recently that you are loving! 

steffanie xo



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