Bath Bombs for a Cause


I know a girl who has a heart of gold, and her name is Harper. Harper is a fantastic human being. She’s smart, hilarious, and incredibly brave. She also recently started a campaign against bullying, right here in good ol’ Oklahoma. Having experienced bullying and unkindness firsthand, she decided to do something positive. She started making bath bombs.

Yep, that’s right, bath bombs. Sparkly, fizzy, essential-oil-infused, homemade, bath bombs. She calls them “Bully-B-Gone Bath Bombs” and she sells them for $3-5 a bomb. To be used in your bath, they lift your spirits and de-stress your mind. The bombs smell amazing (especially the Relaxation one, with real lavender leaves thrown in), are so moisturizing and a great reminder to slow down, run a bath, and reflect. I was lucky enough to be able to try a couple of them and to blog about them. Harper donates the proceeds that she makes from sales of the bath bombs to the Kind Campaign.

The Kind Campaign is an internationally recognized movement, documentary and school program based upon the powerful belief in KINDness that brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl “crime.” It’s a movement to stop bullying and to promote kindness within schools and specifically towards girl on girl bullying. It was started by two college girls, Lauren and Molly, who both want better stories for girls than what they had at their schools. It’s an amazing campaign, with a ton of resources to inform about bullying.

Harper, Molly and Lauren want a better story for her friends, and for girls everywhere. I’m so blessed to know someone who is so insanely brave and smart and lovely, and to be able to share this bit of her story with you all. I hope that you will check out the Kind Campaign and Harper’s story, and buy a bath bomb or two. They would make amazing gifts, especially for a little girl who you think may need a pick me up.

Everyone should be this brave and this determined about kindness.

To learn more about the Kind Campaign, click here.

Be kind. Be brave, my friends.

Thank you to Harper for allowing me to blog about this and try your awesome bath bombs! You’re an amazing soul! xo,



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