Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascara: A Review!

IMG_2938Recently, I was given some of the Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascara to try out and review on my blog. Now, fiber mascara is a completely new thing to me. My usually mascara hails from the holy aisles of Target, usually the brand Maybelline or Covergirl. But this mascara has been making the waves with beauty lovers around me, so I was super excited to try it out.


Fiber mascara is so odd but so wonderful and definitely takes some getting used to. But once you do, I promise, it makes it hard to love any other mascara equally. My lashes are always so long and defined and doe-eyed when I wear this. I don’t have long lashes at all so any mascara that adds lots of definition and volume, I quickly become a fan of.

To apply the mascara, you first start with your favorite everyday mascara. For me, I’ve been using a new one from Covergirl. It’s their Full Lash Bloom Mascara. The first thing I love about this mascara is how bright the packaging is. This mascara is great as just a basic, reliable mascara. It’s very similar to Maybelline’s The Rocket Volum’ Express, which I love. After applying a coat (or two) of your regular mascara, you then apply the Transplanting Gel to your lashes. After applying the gel, you apply the fibers, which literally just looks like a bunch of fuzz. But don’t let them alarm you. They work. I usually apply a little at a time of the fibers, because it is easy to go a little overboard. After applying the fibers, you apply more transplanting gel, and voila! beautiful, lengthened, full lashes. I don’t think my pictures do the mascara justice, so just trust me when I say the stuff is pretty magical.


For this mascara, it runs about $29.00, which is pricey for mascara, but as I’ve said above, it works. I’d recommend this for use for any special occasion, date night, party, or just as a really dramatic everyday mascara.  My good friend Rachelle sells it locally here in the OKC/Moore area, so if you live close by, she would be the one to go to for it. She also has a link for you to buy it online, which is pretty wonderfully convenient. If you buy this mascara, or are interested, please let me know, because I would love for you to experience the magic that this stuff is.

Mascara, for the win!

Steffanie xo


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