A Lush Haul


A good bath can cure so many things: a bad day, sore muscles, sickness. Or it can just be enjoyed for the sheer pleasure of it. With a good book and a good cup of tea. But no bath is complete without the magic that is Lush Cosmetics.

Almost every beauty blogger will at some point mention how much they adore Lush. And I am now jumping on that wagon, because LUSH makes some of the best (if not THE BEST) body products I’ve ever tried.

First up, let’s talk about The Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner.  I dedicated a whole blog post to this beauty, if you want to hear about it in a bit more detail,but it is THE greatest. If I could win the lottery in my choice of an endless supply of one item, it would be this product. A lotion that you apply in the shower, only it is the consistency of a hair conditioner. Scoop a little bit out, rub all over your bod, and rinse. Voila! You have super soft, moisturized skin. And you’ll smell like a dream. A rose-scented dream.


Next, a shower gel that is as warming, and as spicy as the name suggests. The Hot Toddy Shower Gel is a warm infusion of cinnamon and ginger, combining to make a perfectly lovely, yummy, Christmas-y scented bath. Although I don’t think any whiskey was involved in the making of this lovely soap, it makes not only for a great shower gel, but also for a very suds-y bubble bath.


Perhaps one of LUSH’s most famous products is their bath bomb. I picked up five (only four are pictured because I couldn’t wait!) Christmas ones to get myself in the Christmas spirit. Butterbear (not pictured) and Butterball  are both vanilla scented, lovely and super creamy. Dashing Santa is the cutest one I picked up, a little snowman bomb that smells like citrus, bergamot, and satsuma. I’m saving him for Christmas Day. Cinders is one of the coolest bath bombs, a cinnamon scented one, with vegan popping candies mixed in to give the sensation of a crackling fire. And last but not least, Golden Wonder. I’m told this one has a sneaky something inside of it that appears when the bomb is in the bath. A champagne bath bomb, adorned in shimmery gold glitter, smelling of sweet citrus.

Let’s just all assume my bath tub is going to be my favorite spot this holiday season. Let me know in the comments if you love LUSH as much as I do!

Steffanie xo


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