Products Worth The Hype #1: LUSH Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner



It’s not often I love a product so much that I will devote a whole blog post to it. But such is the case for this body product from LUSH. LUSH is a brand of body care, makeup, and hygiene products that makes beauty bloggers go starry-eyed, and I’ve known about it for a while, but never brought myself to drive up to my local mall to try anything out. I was at the mall last week and finally decided to run in and pick up a few things that I’ve heard raved about. I’m so glad I did.

The Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner has convinced me that LUSH makes the best body products. Ever. In the history of body care, LUSH is it for me. I mean, who comes up with the brilliance of a “lotion” that you apply in the shower, eliminating the need for a lotion to be applied after the shower?! It’s the best idea, and I am so thankful someone thought of it!


On to the product description. Smelling of sweet, delicious, roses, this product makes applying lotion the most enjoyable thing about my morning and night time routine. It smells like jam, heaven, and cream. And the scent lasts through the day. To use, all you do is rub the loveliness all over your body, and rinse. That’s it! When applied, it’s very silky and smooth, but once the water hits it, it turns into like a lotion-y type substance that does. not. budge. Tip: when towel drying, be sure to pat dry, that way you don’t rub all the product off. My skin has stayed hydrated all day, and since I’ve been using it, looks brighter and smoother.


I may be a tiny bit obsessed with this product. Definitely worth all the hype and craze it receives. I am officially a LUSH convert. If you are in need of a good moisturizing body product, I highly recommend LUSH!

P.S. Keep a lookout for a LUSH Haul post, coming soon!

Steffanie xo


3 thoughts on “Products Worth The Hype #1: LUSH Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

  1. Ok after reading your post I totally went online and ordered some body conditioner. I had to try it out because I hate putting lotion on after the shower and I was not disappointed. I agree with you, this product is 100% worth the hype. Thanks for the recommendation! I also ordered their facial cleanser Ultrabland and am loving it as well, you ought to try it out! : )

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