Birthday Bags


For my birthday, I picked up two beautiful bags and I thought I would share them with you! Using a gift card from my work girls (thanks ladies!!), and some birthday gift money, I chose to update ny handbag situation. I actually don’t own too many purses, aside from two Vera Bradley Hipsters, and a Kate Spade “Eat Cake for Breakfast” tote, which I love. I was on the hunt for a nice everyday carry purse, preferably black. I also wanted a sleek clutch or a small bag to carry to weddings, parties, and dates, that wasn’t too fussy. With that in mind, I went on a browse.




I am a huge online shopper, so naturally I chose to check out the sites first. I happened to find myself on ASOS, drooling over their bags, when I saw it. On a major sale. The Whistles Rivington Clutch in the most beautiful, bright coral. Now, I have been dreaming of owning a Whistles clutch for some time now, ever since I saw Anna, from with her gorgeous Whistles collection of leather goods. This clutch was marked down like 70% or something crazy, and I may or may not have had a mini freak out, before quickly submitting an order. I am so happy with this clutch. Not only is it bigger than I though it would be, it came with a chain to be able to worn as a small bag. It’s sleek, bright, and incredibly roomy for a clutch bag. Whistles does a great job of creating beautiful bags and I am so excited to be the owner of one! Sadly, I can’t seem to find this exact one on the ASOS site anymore, but they do have other beauties on their site. If you are in the market for a nice clutch, I highly recommend this brand.

Next up, the handbag.




The next bag I picked up was from TJ Maxx. They have a great selection of high-end, brand name bags for a good deal less than their original price. I picked up an Olivia + Joy black handbag with gold hardware. It;s a beautiful, roomy, heavy bag, with lots of pocket’s and an envelope style pocket on the bag. It’s a nice size, and my Whistles clutch even fits inside of it! This bag is perfect to carry everyday, to keep all my contents organized, and it is just a great bag to carry all around.

I promise this is the last birthday related post I will post. This year. Let me know what you think of the bags!

Happy weekend!



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