On the Menu: Crepes with Berries & Vanilla Creme Mascarpone



Last night, I was thinking about what I was going to make for my breakfast. This happens often, as I am typically very obsessed with food. I like to plan meals ahead of time, giving myself a creative something to look forward to everyday. I thought about making a heaping bowl of porridge, with lots of berries, trail mix and brown sugar thrown in. But, I eat porridge almost everyday, so I tried to come up with something different. While trying to dream up a meal, inspiration struck as I was watching Mr. Morgans Last Love, a beautiful film that I recently discovered and was watching for a second time. It’s set in France, home of good wine, love, skinny pants, cheese, pastries, and crepes….crepes! I love to make crepes. Thin, European style pancakes, perfectly paired with a good French press, and a good squeeze of fresh orange juice. Yum. Usually, this is how I would make them, maybe even sprinkling the tiniest dusting of powdered sugar. But I didn’t have any oranges and I knew had an early morning, so I wouldn’t be able to pick any up. What I did have, was a small tub of mascarpone.

Mascarpone is an Italian cheese, made from cream, so it tastes less like cream cheese, more like ricotta. But it’s oh so creamy. There is this underlying nuttiness almost, which makes it perfect for adding to sweet dishes or to savory dishes. Think Tiramisu filling. I mixed up about three tablespoons of it with a tablespoon of sugar and a good tablespoon of vanilla, and voila! A vanilla-y mascarpone filling, that paired amazingly with my crepes. I also thawed a handful of berries and poured them on top. Guys.


These are a little indulgent for a weekday breakfast and certainly not a meal to be made everyday, but it was a nice little creative moment for me this morning. And did I mention how heavenly these were? Make these on a late Saturday morning, with a side of scrambled eggs, some fresh French press, and enjoy. These would also be perfect for a birthday breakfast in bed, indulgent and delicious.



Bon appetit!

Steffanie xo


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