Date Night!


My husband and I are big date night people. We try to go on a good one, to a restaurant that we really love, or to one we have never been to before, a couple times a month, with the odd lunch dates thrown in. This month, we visited a couple old favorites, and a couple new ones. I thought it would be fun to do a review of the places we went, in case you were in need of some ideas for this beautiful Saturday. I know I’m always looking for good restaurants to try and I figured you might be too.

Note: Obviously, these restaurants are in Oklahoma, local to my area. 

Firstly, let’s start with a favorite. Iron Starr Urban Barbecue. This restaurant is the most perfect place. Picture a dimly lit, candle-heavy space, with hard, original wood floors, antique hanging lights, a gorgeous chandelier, and waiters who have more tattoos than a tattoo artist does, you have Iron Starr. It’s a delicious urban barbecue, serving up your traditional ribs and brisket, but with a little more class than your average potato salad with mayo. Their dutch-oven sweet potatoes are to die for, and their cornbread, literally has chunks of corn and jalapeno peppers in it. Delicious. The decor combined with the food, makes this restaurant a favorite for date night.


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Next up, we have a favorite sushi place to discuss. GoGo Sushi Express & Grill, a fairly new sushi place put up in the heart of Moore. I can’t even count how many times we have been here for lunch/dinner/etc. It’s a great little place, with a friendly staff and some of the best pork tonkatsu. They offer a vast array of sushi, and also hibachi style meals. Our favorite roll is the Sunset Roll (pictured below), a tempura California roll with avocado and spicy mayo. Drool. Also, I love their Bento Boxes, which come with four pieces of a California Roll, tempura veggies, rice, salad with the most amazing sauce, and your choice of a meat. I always get the pork tonkatsu. Did I mention that it’s cheap? $8.99 for a Bento Box and $5-$12 for for a roll, depending on what you get. Definitely a good date-night spot. They’ve also opened up their own sweet shop next door, which we have yet to try! Dinner and dessert, all right there.

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Another on the cheap place that is super delicious, resides in downtown Norman. My husband and I discovered it when we were out and about, and a little hangry for some lunch. We thought about going to GoGo, but decided to go for something new. He mentioned that a gyro sounded good, so we stopped in a Ole Town Gyros & Kabobs. Let me just say, these gyros are huge! Huge! The one we got was about the size of my face, and left us both giggling as we tried to work out a way to eat it. Do we cut them? Dive in? For about $7.99, be prepared to be stuffed for the next five hours after eating one of these babies. But man, they are so worth it. While Ole Town may not be the nicest, fanciest restaurant, if you are looking to impress someone with some authentic Mediterranean food on the cheap, this place is for you. The service is quick, and the food is lovely.

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And last but certainly, not in any way the least…German food. Holy. I am a big German fan. I love German food, German beer, German football players, etc. I lived there for a small time of my life as a little kid, and though I only remember about three things about it, I know I am still a German lover at heart. Knowing my love for the Deutschland peeps, my husband took me to Royal Bavaria this past week. What do I even say?! I am in love with this place. First, let’s talk about the building. It’s like a barn turned restaurant with a very old-timey look to it. Hard, stony floors, lots of traditional German decor, and waitresses in their dirndl, this restaurant stole my heart right away. Onto the food. First, let’s talk beer. I love a good German beer, and on the tap that night, was the King’s Weizen, a wheat beer, which is personally my favorite style of beer. Royal Bavaria has their very own brewery, which you see inside the restaurant. It was the smoothest, most satisfying drink I’ve ever had. So impressed. Highly recommend trying a weizen if you haven’t ever had one. Moving on to the food, they have everything from a traditional weiner-schnitzel to a half rotisserie chicken with fries, which is what I ordered. (Oddly, I wasn’t really feeling beef that evening). Hubs got the meatloaf, which was delicious. Every meal comes with a traditional house salad, which included vinegary green beans, leafy greens, and a homemade dressing that was amazing. That night we also ordered the cheesy dip with the pretzels imported from Munich. Plates usually run anywhere from $14-20+ dollars, making this a bit more on the expensive side, but worth every penny. The atmosphere and the food made for a perfect date night. Royal Bavaria is definitely one of my favorites. (Fun fact: They own Das Boot Camp, a more casual German restaurant in Norman, which I also really like. Cheaper, less food options, but still good beer and good food.)





Let me know what your favorite date night restaurant is, and what type of food you like most, in the comments!

Happy date night!

Steffanie xo


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