Empties #4


It’s empties time! This haul was a good one, including a few makeup bits that I have finally (sadly) finished. One of which I will be making a swift repurchase of in the near future.

Let’s get to it.

bliss soapy suds body wash & bubbling bath in vanilla bergamot

This soap smells so good. Slightly sweet and slightly warm, vanilla-y and almost minty in a way. I found it at Marshalls, and thankfully, they sell a whole range of bliss products there. Happy dance! This makes for a good bubble bath, because it’s super sudsy and smells great. I think this bottle lasted us for about a month or more, which is unheard of in our bathroom, so I am very impressed with that.

+ boots botanics shine away mattifying foam cleanser and toner 

I love Boot’s products. They work well, they do the job, and they have restored my skin to it’s clear, smooth self. My husband and I usually go through a couple bottles of cleanser a month, but the toner, day cream and mask have lasted forever. I’ll do a more in depth review of these in the near future.

boots body butter in coconut

I love The Body Shop Body Butters, but unless they are on sale, I don’t have $20 to spend on a tub of lotion. If they don’t have any at Marshall’s (I got a Raspberry one for $6!!), I’ll usually just pick up a Boots one to tide me over until The Body Shop has a sale. This one wasn’t my favorite scent. I loved the consistency and it moisturized well, but the smell is sort of fake coconut. I am currently using the brazil nut one from boots and I love the scent of it, but like I said, I’m still a fan of the Body Shop ones more.


yes to cucumber sensitive skin face wipes

I’ve heard so much about face wipes, lately. How bad they are for you, but how amazing they are for you? Makes no sense. I decided to give these a try (they were 0.99 cents) and see how I liked them. The smell is incredible and soothing, but these burned the heck out of my face. I don’t know why, but my face always felt really sensitive after using these. I finished the pack, but probably won’t repurchase because they burned my face. I didn’t break out or anything, but I am not a fan of the face on fire feeling.

+ dr. bronner’s castille soap 

I love this soap. it’s an amazing makeup brush cleaner, and can be used on literally anything. I use it to keep my Kate Spade canvas purse looking spotless and also use it on my dog sometimes for a quick spot bath. This wasn’t my favorite scent, the peppermint being reallllllly strong. But I love the lavender and rose scented soaps.

+ chi straight guard flat iron heat protecting spray

I’ve had this spray for about a year, using it on and off for protecting my hair from all my heating tools. It smells like cologne, and works really well. I don’t know that I would ever buy it (this bottle was given to me), just because I have other ones that I love that are much cheaper, but it did work well and smells fantastic.


+ laura mercier mineral foundation with spf 15

I really liked this foundation. I’ve kind of moved away from mineral foundations recently, opting for a more dewy type of face instead of a straight matte look. This foundation was really great, except for the color match was super hard for me to find, and even still, I don’t feel like the one I settled on was really the best match. It’s a smooth formula, and doesn’t feel cake-y on the skin. I probably won’t repurchase anytime soon, but I did really like this and used it for about nine months.

maybelline color elixir in caramel infused 

I am so sad that I finished this!! This is my perfect, go to nude lip color, and when I finished it, I almost freaked. Luckily, I have a Target trip to make soon, so this will definitely be making it’s way back into my life. Love the color, love the formula.


+ maybelline pumped up waterproof mascara 

I didn’t feel like this mascara was anything to scream about. I really like Maybelline mascaras, but this wasn’t my favorite. It became clumpy really quickly, and kind of made my lashes all clumped together. Still a fan of Maybelline, just not this mascara.

+ dove refresh + care dry shampoo

love it. works well. second bottle gone. I recently said that I liked the Not Your Mother’s version better, but that’s only because this one tends to be a little powdery. But it works great and I probably will repurchase it soon.

+ sensodyne repair toothpaste

Sensodyne is my favorite brand of toothpaste. I have used many different kinds, and this so far has been my favorite. Leaves my teeth feeling smooth and polished and clean. Does anyone else get interested in toothpaste others use? There are SO many brands and I find it interesting what people are drawn to.


And that’s it! I’m already working on some empties for next time, when means I will have to go out and start trying some new things! Let me know in the comments if you like any of these or anything similar. 🙂

Steffanie xo 




8 thoughts on “Empties #4

  1. Im excited to try the Dove Fresh dry shampoo! I’ve been looking for something different to try. My hair gets so oily after one day and i’m always on the lookout for a good dry shampoo!

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