The Wardrobe Clear Out


I consider myself to be quite an organized person. I like a minimal, clean, well kept space. Lately, though, my closet had been a madhouse. Clothes all over the floor, clothes hiding in nooks and crannies of the closet, and generally just an awful mess of the wardrobe area was going on.

A clear out was definitely in order.


Inspired by Anna, from Vivanna Does Makeup, I decided to give my closet a clean up, removing all the clothes that I had not worn in the past year or so, and put some to order to the array of my clothes I decided to keep. I then made a list of some essentials that I’ll need to purchase in the upcoming future: jeans, tops, a few cardigans, the like. If you want to see what I plan on adding to my wardrobe this fall, pop on over to this post, in which I show you just what I need.


Life feels so much better when your clothes are organized, am I right? Now, when I open my closet, I can actually see the clothes I need and can easily see where I need some filling in. Although my hangers aren’t all matchy-matchy, and I am only semi color coded, it still has much more space and organization than it did before. Thank you Anna, for encouraging us all to get our closets cleared out. It was much needed.



Does your wardrobe need a clearing out? What pieces are you looking to add to your wardrobe this season? Let me know in the comments!

Happy organizing!

Steffanie xo



5 thoughts on “The Wardrobe Clear Out

    1. It can be so overwhelming! I just tossed everything I hadn’t worn in a year into a bag, and left it for the time being. Then I organized what I had left. It makes picking outfits so much easier, and lets me know what I need to add. 🙂 Take it one step at a time!

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