Fall Clothing Wish List

 Autumn is quickly approaching (happy dance!) so I have been perusing the Topshop website for some fall time essentials. I’ve never actually shopped at Topshop, being that we don’t have any stores here in the good old 405, but I have been keenly aware of the place for a while. So I made a compilation of items that are making me drool for autumn to arrive. I am a fairly simple girl when it comes to clothes. I like clean cut, neutral, easy to wear items that last. Classic pieces that are easy to pair with anything. Versatility is key to my wardrobe. As pictured below, I’ve gone for slouchy tees, jumpers, skinny jeans with stretch and in classic colors. For shoes, I threw in a pair of the TOMS Desert Wedges, of which I own a khaki pair now, and I love. And I threw in a bag too. 🙂
Sweater Season
Topshop Picks


Fall Wish List


Leggings/TilePrint Jeans
Do you like Topshop? Is there anything there that makes you excited for fall? Anything you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments!
Steffanie xo



5 thoughts on “Fall Clothing Wish List

  1. LOVE topshop skinny jeans the Leigh are my fave so comfy…

    I posted my fall fashion wishlist over on loveonceuponadream.blogspot.ie if you would like to check them out


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