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Summertime has always been the season where I tend to devour novels. Maybe it’s because they remind me of my childhood summers, seemingly endless days of reading. My taste has changed slightly (back then,I opted for The Babysitter’s Club, Harry Potter, and The Sweet Valley Twins), but my love for reading certainly has not. In this post, I’ll relay to you some of most favorite recent reads, perfect picks for light summertime reading. Enjoy! 

Paper Towns by John Green

I don’t know if I have spoken much about how much I love John Green’s work. The Fault in Our Stars, one of my top ten all time favorite books (a post that will come soon) was brilliant, and the second of Mr. Green’s novels that I have read. The first being Looking For Alaska, which I am currently re-reading. Paper Towns is so good. It’s hilarious, and a bit mysterious. It’s an easy read, perfect for a vacation or long holiday weekend. The characters are real and honest and quirky. I’m so excited that this is being made into a movie and that Nat Woolf (Isaac from TFIOS, anyone?) will play Quentin or “Q”, which if I may say, is a perfect pick in my opinion. All in all, loved the book, can’t wait for the movie. **Not pictured, because I do not actually own a physical copy of it. So I used Looking For Alaska in its place.

The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro

I love, love, love, love Kazuo Ishiguro’s work. If I had to pick one book to read for the rest of my life, it would be Never Let Me Go (pictured above), which will also be mentioned in my top ten favorite books post. His writing is hard to describe, but it’s easily some of the most beautiful, slightly devastating work I’ve ever read. I cannot wrap my mind around how great he is. This book, as well as Never Let Me Go and When We Were Orphans, is beautiful, and full of nostalgia for a time long lost. The narrator of the book, Mr. Stevens, is a butler, reminiscing in present tense of his life as a butler to some of England’s finest. I won’t do it justice in reviewing it, but I beg of you to read The Remains of the Day.

“The fact is, I have tended increasingly of late to indulge myself in such recollections. And ever since the prospect of seeing Miss Kenton again first arose some weeks ago, I suppose I have tended to spend much time pondering just why it was our relationship underwent such a change.” The Remains of the Day, Kazuo Ishiguro, pg. 164.



FanGirl by Rainbow Rowell

Oh man, did I love this book. Being a twin myself, I sympathized with Cath. I know the feeling of not wanting to grow apart from your sister, of finding the independence thing a little difficult. (For the record, my sister is a much nicer person that Wren, Cath’s sister. : ) I loved that Cath wrote Fanfiction and learned a bit more about the fandom that is fanfiction writers. This book makes you laugh and cry a little, and for me, made me thankful for writers like Rainbow Rowell.  She understands what it means to be alive and love people and stories. It was a fantastic read that took me less than a day to power through.

**There is quite a bit of language in this one, so if you aren’t into that or have a teen wanting to read it, just a heads up.**

How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff

Where do I even begin? I mean, this book blew my mind. How I never heard of it until this year, astonishes me. It is fantastic. The story is such a unique take on a war-time romance, type of story. I’ll insert a bit here, to give you an idea of the wow that is this story. 

My name is Elizabeth but no one’s ever called me that. My father took one look at me when I was born and must have thought that I had the face of someone dignified and sad, like an old fashioned queen or dead person, but what I turned out like is plain, not much there to notice. Even my life so far has been plain. More Daisy than Elizabeth from the word go. But the summer I went to England to stay with my cousins everything changed. Part of that was because of the war, which supposedly changed lots of things, but I can’t remember much about life before the war anyway so it doesn’t count in my book, which this is. 

Mostly everything changed because of Edmond. 

And so here’s what happened.


The book begs to be read, doesn’t it? I read it in less than 2 hours, only stopping to eat and run one errand. It’s a gorgeous story. (Did I mention it was a movie too, starring Saoirse Ronan–Lovely Bones–as Daisy? Definitely an adult movie, also slightly sad, but very good.)

All in all, this summer is turning out to be a great one for my book loving self. Currently, I am finishing up Looking for Alaska, at the beginning of Water for Elephants (for book club), and sort of making my way through A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg. Let me know in the comments what books you are loving this summer! 


Happy Reading!

Steffanie xo



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