crashing the chatterbox


I’ve been reading a book that is rocking my world. Crash the Chatterbox: Hearing God’s Voice Above All Others by Steven Furtick, pastor of Elevation Church in North Carolina. This book is mind-blowing, perfect advice and encouragement for those who struggle with insecure thoughts and the lies that Satan loves to tell us and how to fight back against the chatterbox: the lies we believe that keep us from accurately and actively hearing God’s voice. For me, my chatterbox finds its strength in my doubts.

I bet, if I were to ask you, you would say that you doubt God sometimes. I don’t know what your reasons would be for this doubt, maybe insecurity, maybe an unanswered prayer or request. Maybe you aren’t really sure who God is and why He tells us to trust in Him. I’m here to tell you that you are not alone.

My reasons for doubt are usually due to worry. I worry about things I cannot control, the things that I absolutely have to rely on God for. I worry that He won’t come through (as if He ever hasn’t) or that the outcome won’t be what I planned for. I know that this mindset insults God, because I don’t think He ever wants us to believe He cannot do something. In fact, to believe so is a sin. Over and over, the Bible tells us to “put our hope in the Lord” to “Trust the Lord” to “never fear”. Satan knows that because we are a fallen people, insecure by nature, that is it hard for us to trust God, just because He tells us to. And he uses that to his advantage.

Recently, I have been intentional about my trust in God. I’m the one who freaks out when a bill comes I wasn’t expecting; I worry incessantly about money, getting things done, and how I will accomplish everything I need to. I worry about things I have no control over and it is making me miserable.

So I asked God to change my heart. I confessed that I knew that my doubt is insulting to God, insinuating that I honestly believe He won’t come through for me. I asked Him to send His Spirit to change my heart, to allow me to trust fully, to praise Him in the hard seasons and to allow my situations to affect my faith no longer.

The beautiful thing about God is that He honestly wants us to be a people who delight in Him, not run from Him.

For me, tuning out the chatter, the lies, looks like this:  turning off the TV, deleting Facebook from my phone, and turning on music in the silence. I ask a friend to coffee, write, read. I pray, I open up my Bible, I seek Him. I got to a coffee shop or to Panera, computer in hand. I text friends to ask for prayer, I listen to podcasts from my favorite speakers.

 Silence and solitude are breeding grounds for Satan. He uses them against me over and over again, using those moments of insecurity to his full advantage. So, instead of allowing him to do that, I turn on my favorite worship music and I ask God to meet me where I am. I tell Him how I am feeling. I ask for His peace. I ignore the chatter, the lies that float around in my head, berating me. I fight back.

The great thing is, it’s working. Every time I hear my chatterbox start to shout its lies, I remember who I am in Christ. God says, “I am His masterpiece, His workmanship, that I am established, and sealed with His promise. That I am redeemed.” This means I can be free from doubt, worry, insecurity, because my God is for me. I can trust in Him fully, I can live my life as a person loved.

I encourage to pick up the book soon. It’s one of the best I have read so far this year. (They also have a Youversion plan up for it now!!). Check it out and let the truth of the book change your heart and set you free.

“The voice you believe will determine the future you experience.” #crashthechatterbox

Steffanie xo

**For more information on Crash the Chatterbox and Elevation Church, click here


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