hope for the people.


A few nights ago, I heard someone say, “It is a very dangerous thing to put all your hope in a person.” What a forceful statement. It really got me thinking about Jesus, and the people around us, and relationships in particular.

Our spouses, friends, and family members are all imperfect people. God created one perfect human being, and He is the only one He ever created. He made us imperfect on purpose, so that we are able to see the need for Jesus. Otherwise, why would we need God? God created us with a specific need for Someone, and sometimes, I think because we can’t physically see God, we get confused. We expect our spouses to act like Jesus, perfect, never missing a hidden emotion or feeling.

Why do we treat our people as if they are our saviors? 

If you are in a relationship, please listen closely. Your spouse, your boyfriend or girlfriend, is not going to be perfect for you. They won’t read your mind, they won’t always do things right. They will hurt you, they will mess up, and they will have to ask for forgiveness. We all have to do it. That is the beautiful thing about relationships, the fact that we get to learn from each other, grow together. Instead of expecting that person to be the one who solves all your problems, to make you feel complete, look to Jesus. He longs for you to turn to Him, to believe in Him, to come to Him. 

If there is one thing I have learned in my relationship with my husband, it is that he will not ever complete me. He won’t make me feel whole, completely secure, or confident in myself. His job is to love me like Jesus loves me, not to make me feel perfect. My security should never be placed in him, because he is beautifully human. I think we as a society put so much pressure on our significant others, expecting them to be all-knowing, completing us, making us feel good all the time and I think that is why so many relationships fail. 

You will never be perfect. He or she will never be perfect. It is beautiful and frustrating, and God created us this way on purpose. So love your spouse, your friend, your parents as they are. Know that they will never complete you, never make you feel whole because only Jesus is able to do that. Accept people as they are, expect them to be imperfect, and love them like Jesus anyway.

Steffanie xo


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