Make milk. Be happy.


Making almond milk is one of my favorite things. When I tell people that I make my own almond milk, I usually get a response something like “Wow! That’s impressive!”, along with a look full of wonder and maybe slight confusion. How do you make milk out of almonds, they wonder. If you are wondering the same thing, keep on reading!

First off, let me explain the reason behind making almond milk as opposed to buying it. I like the store bought stuff just fine, but I like to be in charge. I like to determine what goes into my food and what doesn’t. I like to season, spice, and add to my heart’s content, so when I stumbled upon a milk that was literally just almonds + water, and I realized I could add things (such as sweetener!) myself, I was sold. The milk I make at home is preservative free, additive free, sugar free, and one of the most refreshing beverages. It’s very hydrating, being that it’s mostly water. Sometimes I add a little honey or agave nectar to sweeten it, but most of the time, I just like it just the way it is.

I learned how to make almond milk when I stumbled upon the name of Sarah Britton, from the website She is a Wholistic Nutritionist and Certified Nutritional Practitioner, living in Denmark with her husband and her new baby! To read more about her and her story behind My New Roots, visit her page. Her recipe section is food a plenty, and many of the ingredients and foods she eats I’ve never even heard of. I have my eye on her homemade yogurt recipe, her sprouted bread recipe, and her Hemp protein bars are a HUGE favorite of my husbands. Sarah also made a helpful little video to show you just how easy and quick making nut milk is!

Let’s make almond milk!

You’ll need: a blender, 1 cup of almonds (soaked and rinsed and peeled, if ya want), 4 cups of water, a cheesecloth, and a bottle with a cap. 

****Soaking the almonds: Nuts and seeds are hard to digest in their raw form, so soaking them helps improve digestive qualities. Water also boosts the nutrition of almonds, and in my opinion, makes them taste ten times better. They also swell up a bit, soaking in that water, and turn them into a thing of beauty. Sarah recommends soaking them for at least 8 hrs. I usually let them sit overnight, so they are ready for blending in the morning.



First, add the almonds to the blender.


Then add the water.


Blend for about 30 seconds.


You should have a beautifully frothy, lovely white milk awaiting you.


Add cheesecloth (or you can use a strainer, nut milk bag, or and old t shirt.) to the bottle, and pour milk into the cloth, milking the “milk” from the cloth into the bottle.


Voila! That’s it. You have almond milk! Fresh, preservative free, homemade, refreshing almond milk. The cool thing about this milk, as I said before, is that you can use any type of nut or seed, or a blend of them, to make a nutrient packed milk. I used about 2 cups of almond, and that resulted in about 1 liter and a half of almond milk.



Let me know if you give this a try! I will say that this almond milk is pretty different compared to the store bought stuff, but since I prefer it that way, and since you can add things like stevia to it, the nutritional quality of homemade almond milk far outweighs it tasting a bit more healthy. Be sure to check out Sarah’s video about how to make nut milk and her blog for any other tasty, wholesome recipes!

Happy Milking!

Steffanie xo

**Milk should keep in the fridge, in a closed container for about 3-4 days. You can always save pre-soaked almonds to make more later as well.


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