Out with the old.

Hello friends! I hope your 2014 has started off well!

2014 began the best way for us, with friends over, with comfort food, and with a new hope for a better year. If any of you have read my last post, you will know that my soul was craving a fresh, new year. One of consistency, renewed faith, and of discipline. One in which I could breathe easy. Thankfully, 2014 is already proving to be a slower, fuller year. To start, my husband is now on a schedule! One that he will actually stay on, for longer than one month! (And all the police wives of class 130 said Amen. 🙂 I am loving his new schedule already, for several reasons, but mainly because of this: we can now go to the gym, church, and the store together. My husband is my best friend (aside from my sister, but really, she’s my twin, so she automatically gets the job), so being able to go to church with him, to pick out recipes and shop for the ingredients together, and to enjoy the gym together (enjoy? Ha! More like suffer together :), is a huge deal to me.

I began this year by picking a word to define my hope for this year. A word that I would keep at the forefront of my weeks, days, year. This year, my word is Discipline. I am a person who lacks self-discipline. After last year’s events, I felt like I had lost a sense of what that word even meant, much less how I could live like I believed in it. I ate whatever, whenever, sleep an insane amount of hours for no reason, watched way too much TV, and didn’t give any of it a second thought. I allowed my appetite and my stress to run my body into the ground, and used TV, novels, and food as a distraction to how I was feeling. So when the time came to pick my word, it was clear to me that I had to make a choice if I wanted my year to be different. Insert” discipline. It can be such a harsh word, can’t it? A word that we all associate with stern, strict, hard rules, with pain and with a generally negative view. I know, because this is how I think of discipline. it’s a word nobody likes, but one that I think more people need. Especially me. Discipline requires hard things. as discipline should. It requires saying no, responsibility, self-awareness, and sometimes an all out fight. It requires patience, time, and growth. Which is what makes it so difficult to attain. But I need it, this year more than ever. I need the strength that comes from being disciplined, the consistency of it. I do not consider myself as strong person. Which is why I admire women like my good friend Hayley, and my sister in law, Autumn. They are women who can lift weights, run for miles, and eat well, and look good doing it. They are healthy in the best way, both moms, and doing what they love. And I long for that. I long for the discipline that drives their lives, the faith they have in God, and the strength they have. 

So this year, like everyone else in the world, I have begun to work out and eat better. Thanks to the schedules that my husband and I have, we are now able to work out together (my husband is a serious beast, you guys. The guy does some crazy amazing stuff in the gym. And he is the best teacher!), on a daily basis. I’ll be doing a mix of cardio and weights, and maybe some yoga as well. I’m also limiting my excess carb, sugar, and unnecessary calorie intake. More fruits, more vegetables, more fiber. More lean meats with green beans, instead of pizza, which I am convinced is my second love. Discipline.

I am also making a few other goals/changes for myself which include blogging/writing more often, making connections with people around me (police wives, family, friends, etc.),and keeping the appointments with them as if they were a business meeting, and serving at Switch, the youth ministry at my church. All these things, are the things my soul craved all year last year and I never could get to the place where I felt I could commit. Not this year. This year, I will do these things because I have to, and because my faith needs it. 

With all this said, I want to say thank you, to everyone who has been encouraging me, loving me, and praying for me. Your stories, love, and friendship have been so inspiring to me. So thank you times a million!

I am ironing out some details, but I am thinking that I will be doing a weekly recipe, whether it is a dinner recipe or a baked good. recipe starting in a few weeks. I will also be keeping an update on my workout progress, and of course, my daily life. I also have some plans to begin making my own food from scratch again. Things like bread, rice milk, yogurt, chicken stock, etc. I used to home-make so much more than I currently do,and I miss it. I am a huge fan of the website My New Roots, which is where I get several of my homemade food ideas/recipes from. More to come on that soon 🙂 

If there is anything you would like to read about or if you have any ideas, please let me know! : ) You guys are amazing!


Happy Saturday!



“For the moment, all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later, it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to all who have been trained by it.” Heb. 12:11 ESV. 


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